Leora Wise


I am a narrative painter, printer and performer.
My work is figurative, often based on myths, legends and family history. 
My images are innocent or enigmatic and open to interpretation, and frequently psychologically
evocative or vulnerable I live and work in Jerusalem.

Artistic Training

1967-1971     Apprenticeship in sculpture with Shmuel Bar-Even
1978-1979     Studied sculpture at Bezalel Academy of Art with Pinchas Eshet and Yaakov Epstein
1991-1993     Studied drawing with Yosef Hirsch
1993-1995    Studied painting in oils and color theory  with Yan Rauchwerger
1995             Studied Chinese brush painting at Central Academy of Fine Art in Beijing, China
1995-1997    Studied painting in oils with reference to classical works, at Tel Aviv Museum of Art with Tsvika Lachman
1999            Etching Seminar at the Jerusalem Print Workshop

Academic Degrees

1977    B. Sc., Biology, with teaching certification, Hebrew University, Jerusalem
1980        Teaching certification Fine Arts, Hofen Institute for Alternative Education, Hebrew University, Jerusalem

Shows Awards and Exhibitions

1999         New Members' Show, Jerusalem Artists' Association
2000         "33x33" Contemporary Works Show, Jerusalem Artists' House
2001         "Making Room" Seven Women Painters, Antea Gallery, Jerusalem
2001         "Still Life, Real Life" (solo show), Artspace Gallery, Jerusalem
2001         Artist of the Year, Ish Shalom Prize, Jerusalem Artists'  Association
2002         "Childhood Memories" (solo show), Jerusalem Theater
2002         "Homage to Yosef Hirsch" Tel Aviv Artists' House, Jerusalem Theater
2003         ADOGI Miniprint International, traveling exhibition: England, France, Spain
2004         "Cats and Angels" (solo show), etchings, Jerusalem Artists’ House
2004         "It's Me", self portraits, Yakar Gallery, Jerusalem
2004-5      "Reshamim" – Israeli Drawing Biennial
2005         "Dislocated Landscape", Yakar Gallery, Jerusalem
2006         "Hora", (solo show), Kibbutz Lohamey Hagetaot
2006         "7eme Mondial de l' Estampe et de la Gravure Originale,
                   Triennale de Chamaliers – France
2007         "Wedding Tales" (solo show), Jerusalem Art Center
2007         "Etched" etchings, Zik Gallery, Jerusalem
2007         "Desert Generation", Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Amsterdam
2007         "Alice's Tea Party", Heara 1  , Jerusalem
2008         "Sketching in Public", etchings, Jerusalem Pedestrian Mall
2008         "Jerusalem, Surface Fractures", Jerusalem Artists’ House” 
2009         "Wedding Tales", (solo show), The Holocaust Center of Florida
2010         "There was a Landscape", (solo show), The Artists’ House, Tel Aviv
2010         "Fracture and Repair", the  Adi prizes of Jewish expression, Ma’alot
2010         "Thicket" – The Fourth Biennale for Drawing, Jerusalem Print Shop
2011          "A Wild Ride", "Manofim", Exhibition Season Opening Jerusalem
2012         "Conversations", The International Writers Festival, Mishkenot, Jerusalem
2013         "Scapegoat", (solo show), Agripas 12 , Jerusalem
2013          "Pnina", curator of artists performances event in the public space,
                  exposing the making of contemporary Israeli art  
2014         "Miriam the Prophetess" (solo show), University of Michigan
2014         "Kokedama" (solo show), prints and installation, Agripas 12, Jerusalem
2015          "Alice in Wonderland", (solo show), etchings,
2015         "Beuys, Beuys, Beuys", ceramic sculptures installation, Agripas 12                 
                  Jerusalem and Meshuna Gallery Tel Aviv
2015         "Stepping Out", curator, site specific installation, Agripas 12 outdoors
2016         "Mental Landscape", sculpture installation, "The New Gallery" Jerusalem
2016         "Destiny", The Scapegoat, embroidery, "Neve Schechter", Tel Aviv
2016         “NanoArt” , video and performance, The Hebrew University
2017         “The Jerusalem Biannual”, The Scapegoat, etchings
2017         “Tel Aviv Illustration week”, Alice, etchings

Collections and prices: The Israel Museum, Yale University, Jerome and Ellen Stern collection,  private collections,
The Jerusalem artist price (Ish Shalom), The Lottery Foundation

Multidisciplinary Performance Events
Sketching, erasure, animated paper cutouts, shadows and three dimensional objects, projected by video on a giant screen, constitute backdrop and set for live performances.  

April 2005 – with Julyen Hamilton (dance), Jean-Claude Jones (contrabass) Hahn Theater, JerusalemDec. 2005 - with Anat Shamgar (dance), Jean-Claude Jones (contrabass) Ha Zira - Multidisciplinary Performing Space, JerusalemFeb.

2006 – with Patricia O’Donovan: (puppetry), Jean-Claude Jones (contrabass), Ha Zira - Multidisciplinary Performing Space, Jerusalem

April 2006 – with The Video Duet (dance), Ariel Lani (keyboard), , Jean-Claude Jones (contrabass), Ha Zira - Multidisciplinary Performing Space, Jerusalem

June 2006 – with Julyen Hamilton (dance and vocalization), Jean-Claude Jones (contrabass) Hahn Theater, Jerusalem

August 2006 – with Patricia O’Donovan: (puppetry), Jean-Claude Jones (contrabass), International Puppetry Festival, Jerusalem

October 2007 – with Shira Wise: (directing), Maayan Resnik: (puppetry), Yaniv Minzer: (music),” Alice” Heara 11, Jerusalem

December 2007 – with Shira Wise: (directing), Maayan Resnik: (puppetry), Yaniv Minzer: (music),”Alice” No Genre Festival, Tmuna Theatre, Tel Aviv

February 2008 – with Inbal Cohen: (flamenco), "Illusions of Love", Israel Museum

May 2008 – with Tania Plezner and Noam Wise: (acting), Stav Ben Shahar and Boris
Martzinovsky: (music), Abraham Dana: (directing), “Alice’s Tea Party”, Nisui Kelim, Tel Aviv

July 2009 – with Shira Wise: (animation),Live Rockabily Concert, The International
Film Festival, Jerusalem Cinematheque

December 2009 – Hanaleh’s Dress, Animation Theater, The Train Theater Jerusalem

April 2010 – “Peter and The Wolf”, Animation Theater, The Train Theater Jerusalem

August 2010 – with Steve Peskof (guitar), “Balabasta”, cultural events at the Jerusalem market

December 2010 – Jack and the Beanstalk, Animation Theater, The Train Theater Jerusalem

August 2011 – Alice’s Tea Party, with Steve Peskoff: (music), International Puppetry Festival, Jerusalem

October 2012 – Alice's Tea Party, with Denis Sobolev: (music), International Puppetry Festival, Taipei Taiwan

November 2012 – Free Improvisation, with Jean Claude-Jones (double-bass), 
Anat Shamgar: (dance), Manofim Festival, Barbur Gallery, Jerusalem

August 2013 – "The Jerusalem Train", International Puppetry Festival, Jerusalem

December 2013 – "The Jerusalem Train", Tower of David Museum, Jerusalem

April 2014 – "Emotional Map", with Denis Sobolev: (music), Hansen Art and Media center, Jerusalem

October 2014 – Closing event of Manofim", with Steve Peskoff: (music), at the sanitary department of Jerusalem.

2015 – "Pazuzu King of Demons", with Steve Peskoff: (music), The Bible Land Museum

 2016 – “Nanoart”, with scientist Professor Daniel Harries, Hebrew University